What everybody ought to know about maintenance of Office Water Coolers & Dispensers

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So, your decision to procure a Water Dispenser for the renovated pantry of your office in the recent past has paid-off handsomely. Staff & colleagues complimented you for the well-being and convenience (of hot & cold filtered water) that the water machine continues to provide.

And besides being that indispensable appliance in the pantry enabling hungry staff make instant noodles or prepare tea/coffee for guests, the Water Dispenser also serves as “THE” meeting place for overworked employees to unwind over some office chit chat and gossip.

So far so good. But yesterday your department colleague complains of fishy taste in the cold water she dispensed and today morning a visitor made a similar comment after refusing the glass of water you offered him!

Embarrassed, you take a closer look at the machine’s rear only to realize that it’s been almost 2 years since it was installed. And since then, it has never been cleaned from the inside nor has its filter been replaced. Yikes!

Such a situation is not uncommon for Office Admins or Facility Managers who are expected to maintain a plethora of office appliances & equipment besides their daily job routines. And, if you are one of them, then this post is just for you.

Water Coolers & Dispensers – the vital office appliance

Walk into any office building and you are sure to find a water cooler or dispenser. Banks, hospitals and even shopping malls have them fitted in their premises. Providing staff, visitors and customers with clean, filtered water is a responsible & caring gesture.

Water cooler at company premises

From an employee wellness & productivity point of view, clean and enriched water (such as antioxidant alkaline water) gives many benefits…increases energy level, gives better ability to focus, clarity of mind and alertness. This translates to better and improved productivity at work.

The presence of a water dispenser also serves as a constant reminder to everyone to hydrate and drink adequate amounts of daily water.

But just like any other equipment or appliance, a water machine too requires cleaning and maintenance. And it’s all the more imperative coz it dispenses drinking water – such a vital & fundamental need of the human body. Carrying out routine and scheduled maintenance of the water cooler/dispenser is a thus an absolute must.

Essential Maintenance Tasks for Coolers & Dispensers

wiping the water machineRegardless of the type of dispenser, whether a piped water cooler directly connected to a water supply or bottled water cooler, cleaning and maintenance must be carried out. Most Office Water Supply companies that deal in water dispensers or coolers have a maintenance scheme as part of their corporate rental service. They typically provide internal tank cleaning, sanitizing, servicing, maintenance and repair in addition to the standard filter replacement service.

An internal maintenance checklist can also help keep track of different elements of cleaning, some of which can just be done by your office cleaner.

Follow these tips for an easy fuss free cleaning of your dispenser.

  1. Always unplug the dispenser before cleaning.
  2. Clean outer surface and faucets of the dispenser with bleach solution.
  3. Wash drip tray and screen.
  4. If using bottled dispenser, clean the water tank with a scrub brush at every change of bottle.
  5. Replace filters every 6 – 9 months.
  6. Sanitizing the water cooler.

Perils of not having a maintenance regime

water dispenser servicingMicrobes and bacteria love moisture and water coolers have a knack of attracting them. This in turn can lead to disease and infections. According to this report, the cleanliness of water coolers is a low priority in some organizations.

Replacing the filter is also very crucial. The purpose of a filter is exactly that! To filter out impurities from the water. Over time, sediments get clogged in the filters and may cause rupture due to pressure build up. This will have a reverse effect of getting clean water as trapped sediments can now enter the water.

Keeping the water dispenser clean may seem like a simple task. Wipe the exterior and clean the faucets and the job is done. But what about the interiors of the tank where water contact is the most?

Sometimes the safest and surest way to ensure hygiene and well-being of your staff is to enlist professionals to clean and maintain your dispenser / cooler. Get in touch with the friendly customer service staff at AOX, they are ready to help you.

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