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Here’s how to get Portable Alkaline Water and ensure your daily intake when travelling

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Drinking water is easily accessible through the tap in Singapore. However, in recent times many people have been switching to treated water such as Alkaline Water for proven health benefits. And it’s very common for households here to have installed water filters and machines like alkaline water dispensers.

But how about when you travel overseas? Surely, you will not lug your dispensers with you in your travels. So how does one ensure his daily intake of alkaline water while on the go?

Fret not as there are portable options available. In this post let us find what some of them are.

Drinking Water Safety for Travelers

filling utensils with waterWe certainly cannot assume tap water to be drinkable everywhere we travel outside of Singapore. Water precaution is a must, if not we are always susceptible to illnesses such as diarrhea, hepatitis A, typhoid, etc. Thanks to PUB, we generally don’t have to worry about these here.

While bottled or packaged water are easily available in all other countries, you may not be able to find the brand or make that you are comfortable with.  Also, buying water in plastic bottles as a long-term solution is not friendly to the earth and the possibility of plastic leaching into the water is always present.

So how can one stick to his/her daily routine of Alkaline Water? Well, here are some good options for having alkaline water on the go!

Types of Portable Alkaline Water

As more and more awareness of Alkaline Water spreads bottled alkaline water may be available easily elsewhere too. But, if you are not lucky to find one overseas there are other viable options to get your daily dose of alkaline water. Let’s see and decide which best suits your needs –

  1. Carry water bottle from home

This is a good option if you are going on a day trip or for your normal day to day commute. You can carry the required amount of water according to your daily activities in a water bottle.

  1. Alkaline Water Filter pouch

These are reusable and re-sealable storage pouches which contain filters. Just soak the filter in a glass of water for a few minutes and your water is alkaline ready. Removes free radicals, heavy metals, chlorine, fluoride and chloramine. Huge capacities of up to 300 cups.

  1. T – Bag

alkaline water on the goJust like your normal tea bags, except that instead of tea, it is loaded with minerals. These are also reusable and each AOX – 10 T-Bag can make up to 30 liters of alkaline water.

  1. Alkaline Water Sticks

Small, efficient and convenient way is to carry a travel Alkalizer. Just pop it into your water tumbler and wait a few minutes before removing the filter and drinking. These sticks are also a cheap alternative for alkaline water when on the move. One stick can be shared with many. Most have a filtration life of about 6 months.

  1. Alkaline Travel Kit

Comes in a bag with all the necessary filters. This is a great option if you are going on hikes and for adventure travels. This particular travel kit also has an option for a portable water purifier providing on-the-go filtered water.

  1. Alkaline Water Pitcher

Contains a drip filter system. Just pour water from the top of the pitcher and let the water drip through the filter, removing contaminants and heavy metal as well as increasing the pH level. Ideal for long haul travels and here are some of them with reviews.


Pros and Cons of Portable Alkaline Water

water bottles for distributionWith so many different types of portable alkaline water available, choosing one over a packaged water offering can be quite challenging. At large, the advantages and disadvantages are as given below.


  1. Alkaline sticks, pouch and Tea bags are easy to carry around
  2. Minerals reduces chlorine odor found in tap water
  3. Affordable as compared to bottled water
  4. Long lasting
  5. Reusable


  1. Water may have a different taste
  2. Need to remove stick, pouch or tea bag from glass or bottle every time you want to alkalize water
  3. May need to dry out filter in between usage
  4. Filter in water pitcher can get clogged


Whether you are an urban dweller commuting to work or a camp crusader exploring the great outdoors, drinking clean and safe water should be a given. With convenience at your fingertips, make that trip without compromising on your lifestyle! Whether you have chosen alkaline sticks or an alkaline water pitcher while travelling, there is no reason to stop drinking alkaline water.

Choose AOX, your natural choice for your family!

Stay Healthy, Choose AOX

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