Frequently Asked Questions

Why is AOX a natural choice?

There are many brands of water filter systems in the market, to name a few, Hydroflux, Sterra, Livingcare, Happie etc; there are equally many alkaline water ionizers in the market, such as Novita, StarWater, Hydroflux, KYK, Jupiter, WaterSource so on and so forth.

Before you jump to buy any water systems in the market, you need to consider many factors, not just the price. Let AOX help you to decide!

Why is AOX a better choice?

  • Served by professional product specialists
  • Patented filters which could eliminate 99.99% of bacteria in water
  • Patented filter to infuse your tap water with natural antioxidant and alkaline minerals
  • Used by Government agencies, hospitals, cancer societies, medical professionals and many more

AOX vs Normal Water Filter System

DescriptionAOXTap WaterRO / Energy WaterRO / Distilled WaterMineral Water
Water Molecule Cluster Size6 to 711 to 139 to 1012 to 1310 to 13
pH8.5 to 10.06.5 to 7.45.5 to to 7.6
ORP (mV)-150 to -250+400+350 to +400+420+250 to +300


AOX vs Alkaline Water Ionizer

MethodNatural filtrationElectrolysis
Type of PlatesNATitanium coated with platinum
No of Plates/SizeNA5 / 7 / 9 / 11
Plates TechnologyNAHybrid, Mesh, Solid
Risk of Magnetic WavesNoYes
Risk of Rusty PlatesNoYes
pH Level1 alkaline level4 alkaline / 3 acidic / 1 neutral
High AlkalinityYes, added minerals-potassium/magnesium/calcium/sodium/silicaNo
Wastage (Acid Water)NoYes
Antioxidant-200 to -600 ORP (natural)-200 to -900 ORP (electrolysis)
Micro Clusters6-7 molecules4-5 molecules
Water TemperatureRoom / Hot & ColdRoom
Filters31 or 2
InfantsNo restrictionOnly 1st level or neutral
ChildrenNo restrictionOnly 1st or 2nd level
Adults/ElderlyNo restrictionNo restriction
Take with MedicationNo restrictionNeutral water
Auto Clean FunctionNo needYes (for plates)

Can I use AOX water with medication and supplements?

Yes, definitely! Unlike ionized alkaline water which might interfere with medication and supplements, AOX is 100% natural, therefore, it will not interfere with medication and supplements at all. Hence, AOX is widely used by medical professionals.

Does AOX need electricity to work?

Not at all. AOX natural filtration system does not require electricity to turn tap water into alkaline water rich in antioxidants. Electricity is only used for the chiller and boiler in the hot and cold range.

Does boiling AOX water cause it to lose its good properties?

AOX water has added natural minerals such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium and silica, therefore, boiling AOX water does not cause it to lose its alkaline minerals. However, antioxidant properties would diminish with boiling as these antioxidant properties are unstable, which is a natural process.

Where can I purchase AOX water dispensers?

Visit our showrooms for a product presentation. Our Product Specialists will be delighted to discuss with you your requirements.

Our showrooms are conveniently located at:

City Showroom: 10 Sinaran Drive, Square 2 #03-20 Singapore 307506 (Novena MRT, beside TTSH linkbridge). Opening hours 11am to 8pm, daily, including public holiday.

Orchard Showroom: Tangs Orchard – 310 Orchard Road Tangs Plaza Singapore 238864 (Orchard MRT). Opening hours 11am to 8pm, daily, including public holiday.

In Hospital: Ng Teng Fong  General Hospital Mall – 1 Jurong East St 21 #02-21 Tower A Singapore 609606 (Jurong East MRT). Opening hours 10.30am to 8.30pm, daily, including public holiday.

HQ Showroom: 28 Sin Ming Lane, Midview City #03-143, Singapore 573972 (Bright Hill MRT, near Ai Tong School).

What are the modes of payment?

Payment can be made by PayNow, credit cards and Atome. We also offer 12 months / 24 months interest-free instalment plan via DBS/POSB, OCBC, UOB, and Maybank credit cards.

Do I get a better price if I pay by PAYNOW?

Use PayNow and get exclusive gifts worth up to $142.80! Talk to our Product Specialists to know more on our PayNow promotion.

Is it safe to drink AOX water without boiling?

It is 100% safe to drink AOX water without boiling. We have sent our water to the lab for testing. Please visit our showrooms and our Product Specialists will be glad to discuss the lab reports with you.

How much AOX water should I drink?

The rule of the thumb is to drink about 8 glasses of 250ml of water daily. Drink AOX water before and after work-out to be hydrated and to regulate body temperature.

How should I store AOX Water for a long time?

AOX water contains lots of natural antioxidants which may be damaged by free radicals from the air. To get optimum benefit, drink it fresh from the dispenser. If you need to bring AOX Water out, it would be ideal to use an air-tight BPA-free water bottle and drink it within hours. Or when you want to chill it, store in air-tight BPA-free water bottle too and drink it within a week.

How can I enjoy more uses of AOX?

Cooking Sticky Rice.
Soak the rice in AOX water for 30 minutes before cooking. The cooked rice will be more fragrant and taste like Japanese sticky rice.

Keeping Fish Fresh.
Soak fish from the market for 10 minutes before refrigerating them. It helps to remove the fishy smell and keeps fish fresh for a long time.

Removes toxins from meat.
Soak the meat in AOX for 5 minutes before cooking. The AOX small water cluster size will penetrate the meat, making it tender.

Cleans fruits and vegetables.
Soak the fruits or vegetables before eating or cooking. Its antioxidant properties keep the vegetables and fruits crunchy and fresh.

Slimming Effects
Drinking 200 cc of AOX water 20 minutes before and after your exercise routine. The hydration could help induce a natural slimming effect.

Brewing Green Tea using AOX water at room temperature.
Hot water often destroys much of goodness in green tea. You can brew green tea using AOX water at room temperature and it tastes just as good. Try it! (It is possible because of its smaller water cluster size as compared to tap water.)

Brewing coffee and other beverages.
With its smaller water cluster size, it helps to diffuse coffee and tea more effectively; resulting in richer and tastier beverages.

Watering of plants.
AOX natural minerals help plants to grow faster and healthier. Use AOX to see the difference.

How often do I need to change filters?

It is recommended to change all 3 filters every 6-9 months.  However, if the water quality is not ideal, filters might have to be changed earlier than the recommended period.

How much does it cost to change the filters?

Cost of changing a set of filters is $270 before GST, $294.30 @ 9% GST, transport inclusive.

Take advantage of our filter package and get gifts worth up to $240.

Visit our e-shop to select and buy –

How do I know when to change the filters?

A Filter Change Timer (FCT) will be given to user to monitor filter change.  Our technician will set the timer to count down to 270 days. Call our friendly Customer Service or your Sales Consultant to schedule for filter change. Our trained Technician will change filters and provide general cleaning on your dispenser at your premises too.

Instruction Manual for AOX-FCT360

When the timer has counted down to only 10 days, the counter will generate a short alarm every 15 mins. When you hear the alarm, you are advised to call our office at 64564321 to arrange for a change of filters.

Instruction Manual for AOX-FCT360_1Instruction Manual for AOX-FCT360_2

How do I disable the alarm?

Press either the “DISPLAY” or “START/RESET” button. This will disable the alarm for 3 days. The alarm will sound again unless the time counter is reset. In the case of low battery, a replacement of the batteries will be required before alarm will stop.

Replacement of batteries

When the batteries are low in power, a short alarm will sound every 15 minutes. The empty battery symbol on the screen will blink until the batteries are replaced. To remove the batteries, slide off the cover case of the battery, pull out the battery housing unit and remove the 2 AA alkaline batteries. Please note that the timer will reset once the batteries are replaced. In order not to miss the filter change time, please note the remaining number of days and call our office at 6456 4321 when the time is up for filter change. Our office will provide a new set of batteries during filter change.

Why are there some traces of carbon particles in the water?

This occurrence is quite common with new filters. Nothing to worry about as carbon is safe for consumption as tested by independent lab. When this happens, flush away about 10 litres of water to clear the loose carbon particles. Repeat until the water is clear, if necessary.

Why are there some traces of white jelly particles in the water?

Unlike normal filtered water, AOX is rich in natural minerals. Over a period of time, the minerals may solidify as white jelly particles in the storage tank. You can contact our service department to do a complete flushing on the storage tank when it happens. They are tested by independent labs to be perfectly safe for consumption.

Why are there drops of water coming out from my TT tap even when I have already turn off the valve?

When the valve is turned off, water is shut off from the source. However, there will be residual water left in the tap which may sometimes flow out over time. The amount of water should be no more than several drops. Your TT tap is working normal and fine.

Why do I experience slow water flow?

Slow water flow could be due to low water pressure at your premises. It could also due to not-so-ideal water quality, causing the filters to be choked. When this happens, do give our friendly Customer Service a call to troubleshoot or to arrange a service call.  Following steps could be taken:

  1. If water pressure is low, we would recommend a booster pump.
  2. If the cause is choked filter, we would advise changing of the choked filter.
  3. If it is near the time to change filters, we would advise changing of full set of filters.

Why do I sometimes experience a sudden burst of water from the room temperature tap?

As there might be gases trapped inside the new filters, sudden burst might be experienced because of the purging of such gases. This is perfectly normal and safe.

What should I do when I go for holiday, offices closed for the weekend / public holiday?

You are advised to turn off the water inlet valve to the dispenser. For hot & cold range, drain off the water in the tank and turn off the power supply. This is to prevent leakage.

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