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Warranty & Service

Warranty Terms & Conditions

  1. Eligibility
  • Applicability: This warranty applies to original purchasers in Singapore who buy new water dispensers from authorized AOX channels for household or AOX-installed commercial use. This warranty is valid for Singapore installations only.
  • Please note that dispensers acquired through promotional activities, prizes, or gifts are not covered by the warranty detailed in these terms and conditions.
  1. Standard Warranty
  • Duration: The warranty period commences from the installation date upon receipt of full payment.
  • Covered Issues: It covers manufacturing defects and spontaneous part failures for 1 year, as detailed in the Exclusions section below.
  1. Extended Warranty
  • Duration: Available for up to 6 years, purchased separately, and subject to terms, including mandatory inspection before purchase.
  • Terms: Extended Warranty is non-cancellable, non-refundable, non-transferable, and valid exclusively within Singapore.
  • Voidance Clause: To maintain eligibility for the Extended Warranty, it is crucial to adhere to the scheduled filter replacement every 6 months as part of the Peace of Mind Package.
  1. Installation and Reinstallation Terms
  • Customer or authorized personnel presence is required during installation.
  • AOX refrains from altering countertops or cabinets during installation.
  • AOX isn’t liable for damage to countertops or cabinets due to installation.
  • AOX will not reinstate drilled holes or replace countertops/cabinets during or after installation.
  1. Exclusions (Applicable to Standard and Extended Warranties)

This warranty does not cover:

  • Consumable parts (e.g., filters). While regular filter changes are crucial for optimal performance, instances of slow flow or associated inspection requests not directly related to covered warranty concerns will incur charges for transport and labor. Adherence to filter replacement schedules does not extend warranty coverage to the filters themselves or the dispenser unit. Please refer to the warranty terms for details on chargeable services.
  • Components subjected to wear and tear (taps, tubing, connectors, etc.).
  • Regular wear and tear.
  • Commercial use unless installed by AOX.
  • Improper handling, abuse, unauthorized modifications.
  • Personal taste preferences.
  • Unsuitable surfaces or modifications.
  • Imperfections not affecting normal usage.
  • Costs resulting from warranty voiding scenarios.
  • Post-warranty service costs.
  1. AOX Actions
  • AOX will repair or replace defective parts during the warranty period.
  • When on-site repair is not possible, refurbished dispensers may be provided as replacements, incurring associated costs.
  • If the water dispenser fails to meet the customer’s reasonable performance expectations within the warranty period, the company will provide compensation based on the remaining duration of the warranty. The company will determine the nature and extent of compensation and may include repair, replacement, or other suitable forms of compensation, as deemed appropriate.
  1. Charges
  • Costs may apply for warranty voiding, consumable parts replacement, wear and tear repairs, and post-warranty service.
  1. Liability Limitation
  • AOX’s responsibility is limited to repairing or replacing water dispensers, excluding consequential damages.
  • AOX does not assume liability for losses or damages resulting from the breach of its obligations.
  • Our responsibility is strictly limited to the actual purchase price of the product, minus any value attributed to complimentary gifts provided, bank charges, and handling fees.
  1. Service Turnaround Time
  • AOX aims to address urgent cases within 14 working days. However, in the event of unforeseen circumstances or complex repairs, the resolution period may be extended beyond 60 working days, with updates provided to the customer regarding the progress and expected resolution timeframe.
  1. Customer Responsibilities and Reporting
  • Regular maintenance as per the following guidelines:
    • Clean the exterior of the water dispenser with a mild detergent and a damp cloth regularly to remove dirt, dust, or spills.
    • Sanitize the water taps or dispensing nozzles using a mixture of vinegar and water or a commercial food-grade sanitizer at least once a month to prevent bacterial growth.
    • Empty and clean the drip tray frequently to avoid mold or bacteria buildup.
    • Periodically check and clean the reservoir or storage tank, following the manufacturer’s guidelines if available or using a solution of vinegar and water.
  • Use only AOX-approved parts.
  • Comply with operating instructions.
  • Replace filters every 6 to 9 months or as advised, considering the water source quality and usage guidelines provided in the user manual. Failure to adhere to regular filter changes will result in warranty voidance.
  • Regularly inspect tubing and connectors, and if replacement is necessary, kindly request AOX for the change, noting that it may incur charges. It is recommended to replace them every 18 to 24 months.
  • Defects or issues must be reported within 3 days of discovery for warranty coverage, accompanied by a video documenting the problem, as well as relevant supporting documents, pictures, or photographs. Please note that video, pictures, and supporting documents may be required for warranty claims.
  1. Additional Information
  • Contact AOX sales or customer service for technician visits or on-site repairs.

Dispute resolution is governed by Singaporean laws.

AOX will not be liable to the customer or user of the products for any loss or damages for breach of any of its obligations, including, but not limited to, loss of profit and revenue, anticipated or otherwise, loss of use of the products, damage to products, facilities or services, cost of capital, cost of substitute products, downtime cost or claims of the purchase or users of the products for such damages caused by any defective equipment whether such defects are warranted against or not. Free gifts, cabinets or any accessories such as filter change timer, adaptors, tubing, levers, filters and consumable are without warranty.

Call 6456 4321 for service and filter change.

Service Policy

General Terms:

The Standard Installation Service of the water dispenser is included, unless otherwise stated.

Other than what is provided as standard in the original manufacturer’s package, all additional accessories such as tubing, wirings and/or fittings etc will be at the Customer’s expense, unless otherwise stated.

Additional Plumbing or Electrical Works

If such works are required, Customer will be responsible for all expenses incurred. AOX shall not undertake to perform any such works.

If Customer requires AOX to recommend a contractor for such works, Customer shall contact the recommended contractor directly and arrange for the works to be carried out. AOX does not warrant the quality, reliability or standard of service of the recommended contractor. AOX shall not be privy to the arrangement between the Customer and the recommended contractor and shall not be liable to the Customer for the responsibility of the recommended contractor.

If the Customer is not the owner of the installation premise, Customer shall obtain the necessary approval and consent from the owner prior to the installation or relocation of the water dispenser. Customer undertakes to indemnity AOX pertaining to any and/or all claims against AOX should the owner take issue with the installation or relocation of the water dispenser.

Removal or Relocation

AOX shall not be obliged to remove and reinstall the water dispenser to any other location.

In the event that AOX agrees to relocate the water dispenser at the request of the Customer, the Customer is responsible for all charges to be incurred in respect of such relocation.

Service Availability Discretion

AOX reserves the right to provide services at our sole discretion. While we strive to accommodate all requests, circumstances such as resource availability, compatibility, and alignment with our business values may influence our decision. We appreciate your understanding and assure you that our commitment to delivering exceptional service remains paramount.

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