4 Neat Ways to Install a Water Dispenser in the Kitchen

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dispenser on kitchen tabletopGrowing awareness about the quality of drinking water has led Singaporeans to opt for water dispensers in their kitchen over tap water. But there are common considerations like the type of dispenser that is best-suited; the functionality / feature that is good to have or the ideal place in the kitchen to get it installed.

So, if you are in the purchase mode for a water dispenser and baffled with the sheer number of choices, we hope this blog eases your decision-making process. Read On…


Common Considerations for Installing a Kitchen Water Dispenser

Space Considerations

Your choice in water dispenser would need to take into consideration of your kitchen design/layout. The Standing type dispenser occupies floor space, so it should preferably be in a spot that is convenient for family members to access without disrupting your kitchen activities. Most of the time, you will find standing water dispensers in offices.

The Standard Table-Top, however, can be placed on your kitchen counter or a table. This is the most common variety for home use, but you may choose otherwise!

The sleek slim water dispenser is like the standard table-top arrangement but occupies lesser space. So, if your kitchen counter or surface space is minimal, this one is ideal.

However, if you still do not like idea of another appliance getting in your way then consider the concealed variety (Under-Sink Water Dispenser) that is installed under the kitchen sink and requires a water faucet close-by.

Feature and Functionality

A key point worth discussing is your need for instant hot water. Many water dispenser models offer the luxury of both – ice cold water for quenching your thirst and also hot water for a quick cup of coffee.  Besides, if there’s no provision of hot water through the kitchen taps then a Hot & Cold Water Dispenser can help cover that gap.

The advantage a hot and cold water dispenser can offer is definitely more than a normal room temperature or cold water filter. Plus, both the countertop and standing type dispensers usually offer the convenience of two taps – dispensing hot and cold water.

Types of Dispensers for the Kitchen

The types of Water Dispensers commonly installed by Singapore homeowners are –

  1. Standing/Stand-alone Water Dispenser
  2. Standard Table-Top Water Dispenser
  3. Slim/Light Table-Top Water Dispenser
  4. Under-Sink Water Dispenser

water dispensers for kitchenLet me elaborate further on the type and suitability in the next section.

Pros and Cons of each Dispenser Type

1.    Standing/Stand-alone Water Dispenser


  • Has a heavy-duty storage tank to fulfill large requirements
  • Provides instant hot water and cold water
  • Apt for commercial usage eg: offices, malls and hotels


  • Too large for small home usage
  • Takes up floor space in the kitchen or dining area
  • May turn out to be expensive for home unless it is for a large family


2.    Standard Table-Top Water Dispenser


  • Offers instant hot water and cold water
  • Has a direct piping system which ensures no disruptions in water flow
  • Provides low levels of water wastage


  • Tends to take up kitchen counter space


3.    Slim/Light Table-Top Water Dispenser


  • Has a sleek and contemporary body, good for modern Singapore kitchens
  • It doesn’t need an constant electrical power source
  • There are varieties that come with multiple temperature settings
  • Direct water pipe connections ensure good flow and no halts
  • Great space saver; hardly takes up any space


  • Has small capacity; cannot provide large amounts of water at one time


4.    Under-Sink Water Dispenser


  • Hidden, out of sight, better for small kitchens
  • It doesn’t take up precious wall or counter space
  • Can be carried when travelling abroad; connects to a tap


  • Limited capacity; may not be able to provide continuous amounts of water at one time

Your kitchen space, usage requirements, desired features and family lifestyle will ultimately influence and decide your choice of water dispenser.  AOX offers every type of water dispenser for your home and office needs. Each product dispenses natural antioxidant alkaline water, trusted by doctors, nutritionists and families in Singapore. Try a glass of healthy AOX water today!

Stay Healthy, Choose AOX

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