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Staying Hydrated Boosts Productivity

By 20th December 2018No Comments

Keep your kids hydrated throughout the day in school! Proper hydration improves the way your kids perform at school. Studies have shown that staying hydrated boosts productivity, the performance of performing mental tasks and their cognitive skills.


Water plays an important role in brain function. It does what it does best – Hydrate! We all feel refreshed after drinking water but during tests, it goes way beyond that.

Goodbye anxiety
Sipping water while taking an exam is a strategy to ease anxiety. It gives a momentary distraction to the stress It calms the distressed mind and breaks those anxious thoughts by tricking the mind that you’re in a safe environment and therefore you are consuming! This brings about better performance and concentration that help children perform in tests.

Brain hydration
Every cell, tissue, and organ in the body needs water and the brain is not an exception.

When the body is water-deprived, concentration and alertness levels are lowered. For school children on normal school days, access to extra water can improve attention and memory as well. This is especially true for children as they move about frequently and lose water through sweat and respiration.

The sensation of thirst impairs response time and attentiveness in class. Which is why staying hydrated is very important

When it comes to hydration, the easiest for the body to absorb is AOX water. AOX water has smaller molecules that make it easier to be absorbed by the body through osmosis. It’s safe for all demographics to consume, even for pregnant women!

One of the best things about AOX water is its higher alkalinity level compared to regular drinking water. This neutralizes the acid in our bodies making us feel at ease and refreshed.

AOX is the Voted No 1 Alkaline Water Brand by Influential Brand 2018. Through advanced technology utilized in all of the dispensers, normal tap water undergoes 5 stages of water filtration to bring naturally alkalized water similar to those found in springs right inside your homes or offices.

Have your own AOX water dispenser at home to help keep your family hydrated and have a sharp mental prowess.

Stay Healthy, Choose AOX.



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