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5 Things to Know Before Ordering Water Delivery in Singapore

By 25th October 2022April 2nd, 2023No Comments

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Drinking enough water that is pure and clean is necessary for good health. Depending on where one resides, there may be doubts surrounding the quality of tap water for drinking, which could mean that it doesn’t have that fresh taste, lacks flavour, and so on. In Singapore, drinking tap water is generally considered safe, however many would prefer consuming natural spring mineral water sourced from overseas or locally treated purified water that is usually packaged in 19 litre large sized bottles. In addition, water delivered in bulk is often cheaper compared to smaller sized bottled water, so it can save money in the long run as well.

While there are obvious reasons why people opt for a bottled water delivery service, in this post we’ll discuss some considerations and points to bear in mind before you go ahead and order such a service. Let’s dive in…

The Benefits of Bottled Water Delivery

Our body needs a suggested 2-3 litres of daily water intake to stay hydrated and hence ensuring a supply of treated or natural spring water does offer advantages such as –

  • Convenience of availability and eliminating the need to carry water around individually
  • Cost savings and lesser environmental impact from single-use plastic water bottles
  • Safer, healthier, and better tasting option
  • Longer shelf life while allows keeping a stockpile that can be useful for emergency preparedness

Undoubtedly, the 5-gallon or 19 litre water bottles are a common sight in many offices, commercial establishments, and even homes in Singapore due to these benefits. However, some considerations are worth evaluating before signing up for a water delivery service.

Considerations When Ordering Bottled Water Delivery

Rack for water bottle storageFew things that you may want to bear in mind before investing in a bottled water dispenser system and ordering on-going water delivery services would be –

1.     Storage Space

Large water bottles typically need to be ordered in bulk in order to contain delivery costs. This means your office or home needs to cater for storage space when the bottles are delivered at your premises. Newer condominiums in Singapore and Build To Order HDB flats built nowadays have limited floor area which pose and additional challenges. This may require procuring a strong rack or allocating space in a storeroom.

2.     Handling of Heavy Bottles

A 5-gallon bottle of drinking water can weigh between 18 to 22 kilos. Lifting these heavy bottles onto the dispensers can be tiresome and put a lot of strain on your muscles. It’s not uncommon for people to experience wrist, back or shoulder pains. While there are some safe ways to lift, but there’s always a risk of injury. So, make sure there are able-bodied men in your office/home to perform this task.

3.     Re-order Hassle

Apart from lifting and storage issues one needs to remember to re-order well ahead of time before you run out of the last bottle. Moreover, your water supplier may not always have a prompt refill service which could put you in an “out-of-water” situation. So, have a backup plan in place should such a situation arise.

4.     Water Containers may contain BPA or PET

The water containers or bottles are made of hard plastic (PET) and may not be BPA-free. These may bring harmful chemicals or particles in the water. This is something you may want to check and confirm with your supplier.

5.     Availability of Smarter Alternatives

Smarter choices are available if you wish to avoid the trouble and hassle of bottled water delivery. For instance, a direct pipe-in water dispenser has its incoming source of drinking water directly from the water supply line. Water from source directly flows into the filtration systems, which eliminates any harmful bacteria and odours, purifies, enhances, and finally dispenses healthier filtered drinking water.

Make An Informed Decision

We hope the above considerations give you a well-rounded view on what to expect before opting for and engaging a water delivery service for your daily drinking water needs. Be it for an office in the CBD area or for a shop/store in the Singapore heartland, suitable and cost-effective alternatives are easily available and we at AOX can certainly help you with those.

Stay Healthy, Choose AOX

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