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Mooncake yay or nay?

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As the Mid-Autumn Festival approaches, everyone is gearing up to celebrate the festival. As per the traditions passed down, it is our custom to eat mooncakes and sip hot brewed tea while admiring the full moon with our loved ones. Mooncakes, a symbol of good luck and reunion, is a must-have during this period of time and with the ever-expanding choices, it is difficult to resist savoring the different mooncakes available in the market.

An average-size of 192g lotus mooncake with two egg yolks has about 890 calories which is equivalent to 4 bowls of rice. A standard lotus mooncake contains up to 16 teaspoons of sugar and 11 teaspoons of fat which is 50% higher than the daily intake amount. The refined vegetable oil used as part of the ingredients can also increase the probability of blood clots and is a source of bad cholesterol.

The fact is, one mooncake can take up almost half a day of our calories quota! The high calories comes mainly from the bean paste of the mooncakes which are infused heavily with sugar. So how can we enjoy this delicious pastry without having to worry about getting fat? Below are some suggestions;

1. Sharing is the key
Share your mooncake with your friends and family to share the love and reduce the portions to prevent excessive intake of fat and sugar.

2. Do not replace your meals with mooncakes
It’s not advisable to use mooncake as a meal replacement as it may cause a surge in blood sugar level and you’ll not be able to get your required carbs, good fats and protein in a mooncake.

3. Look for healthier alternatives
Look for sugar-free mooncakes which not only reduces the total sugar content, most of them tastes just as good too!

4. Eat pomelos instead of Mooncakes
Replace your traditional mooncake with pomelo! It has high vitamin C content which is known to lower cholesterol levels and decrease the risks of heart diseases. Pair your mooncake with pomelo to prevent overeating!

5. Brew your tea with AOX
Green tea and mint tea can help to accelerate sugar metabolism and reduce the sweet and greasiness flavor, which makes it a perfect combination with the mooncakes. Brewing your tea with AOX antioxidant alkaline water brings out the aroma of the tea as well as increasing the amount of antioxidant compounds in the tea.

AOX antioxidant alkaline water effectively balances the pH levels of our body when our body becomes too acidic. It also comes with small molecular clusters, making it easier to absorb, resulting in better hydration and detoxification. So when you have get an urge to indulge yourself on mooncakes, remember to pair it AOX water!

Stay Healthy, Choose AOX

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