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Haze, it’s back!

By 21st September 2019April 27th, 2020No Comments

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Haze occurs when dust and smoke particles accumulate in the dry air and every year, Singaporeans will have to endure this haze caused by forest fires where open burning is being carried out to clear land for agriculture uses in the region.

Here are some health tips for you to keep yourself protected!

Shut in and lock down.
One way not to breathe in the haze is to stay indoors. Make sure all windows and doors are closed. If you really have to go out, keep travelling to a minimum and don’t forget your haze gear.

Gear yourself up

Prepare your N95 face masks, eye drops, wet wipes and your water bottle with you to protect yourself against the haze when you are out there.

Invest in a good air purifier

A good air purifier doesn’t cost much. Investing in a few ensures that at LEAST, your home is free from the haze. Do make sure to get those with HEPA filters as it is one of the most effective filters out there.

Drink more water and boost immunity

Staying hydrated is key to fighting off the haze! Drinking water ensures that your body’s immune system is up and functioning, it can even aid you in excreting the toxins you inhaled from the hazy air.

A quick way to fight this haze is to drink AOX Antioxidant Alkaline Water! AOX water has smaller water molecules which is better absorbed by the body for better hydration which aids to flush the toxins from our body more efficiently. It also works like Vitamin C which is give a boost to your immunity especially during this hazy period.

Stay Healthy, Choose AOX

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