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Give water, Give life

By 1st October 2019April 27th, 2020No Comments

Let us celebrate mothers

Let us celebrate fathers and

Let us celebrate life and the little children, the blessing of our womb.

Let us create a society, a culture, an environment where we celebrate the creation and the birth of a child, born or unborn. In the quick instant gratification pace of today’s world, we need to re-educate the nations to take on a different perspective and understanding that every heartbeat is not a mistake but an opportunity and a blessing. Every child conceived has been made in the image of GOD. Every child conceived has been fearfully and wonderfully made. We need to bring the church and love to our society that they might see the love of our father, who himself gave up his only begotten son for us all. That we might have life and have it more abundantly.

There is no right way to do life. But found in the unique thumbprint of every child is a purpose for which they are born. We pray that the lord will continue to guide and lead our nation to create a new generation that will stand up for life and hope. Hope in the lord that will never disappoint.

#nickvujicic, we pray that you will join us next year in celebrating life and life more abundantly.

Let him teach us that every life is precious and that nothing is impossible or too hard for our GOD.

If we were to take the step of faith, God will show up and out in ways we never expected.

On October 5th 2019, We would like to gather all families across our beautiful and blessed nation of SINGAPORE, to come together @ ST.ANDRES’S CATHEDRAL, City hall, to show our support and to show the nations that we celebrate life and life more abundantly.

There will be fun and games for everyone and lots of bonding activities for the family. #Lionheartedkids #Thebraverace

AOX is the official water sponsor because WECARE!

There will also be limited AOX MGS500 water bottles for sale @ $15 each. 4 colours are available while stocks last! $5 will be donated for every bottle sold and donations will be given to the charities involved in the So Grab them fast and let us also worship under the stars!

Thank you for partnering with us for such a time as this. We look forward to seeing you at the event and don’t forget to invite your friends, families and enemies!

Stay Healthy, Choose AOX

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