Is a Fridge Water Dispenser right for you?

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filling water glass from fridge dispenserSummer is that season in which the convenient idea of an in-built fridge water dispenser sounds most tempting! Instead of subjecting your refrigerator to being opened repeatedly, if a handy lever on the fridge of your door, can offer instant access to chilled water, there’s nothing quite like it. No more filling ice trays and water bottles! A fridge water dispenser is ideal to keep you and your family hydrated all summer-long.

If you’ve been scanning the market for a new fridge, you may have realized that the added feature of an In-The-Door Water Dispenser is an expensive one.

So, today let us analyze the options available in water dispensers. We’ll also do a pros and cons list of getting a fridge water dispenser and finally, if its really worth getting one!

But first….

Benefits of a Water Dispenser at Home

If you’re still in two minds about whether you need a water dispenser at home, here are the top advantages of owning one:

Easier to consumer 8 to 10 glasses

With the recommended amount of daily water intake being 8 to 10 glasses, the convenience of a water dispenser is ideal in achieving this. Kids tend to opt for water over sugary drinks and adults remember to consume adequate amounts.

Better purity and water quality

Most water dispensers take your water through an advanced filtration and purification process that gets rid of bacteria and chlorine levels.

Saves money and space

A simple comparison between the cost of a water purifier and how much you spend on bottled water per year will show you exactly how much money you can save. Plus, water purifiers fit neatly in dedicated spaces in your kitchen.


Types of Drinking Water Provisions

There are various types of filtration systems and water filter or dispensers out there. With water purification processes that may range from reverse osmosis, ultraviolet purifying, granulated carbon processes, minerals treatment and so on. These processes are delivered via water filters or dispensers.

And these may be installed as faucet water filter, tabletop water dispenser, under the sink filter, floor standing model or a refrigerator filter. So, what are pros and cons in opting for Fridge based Water Dispenser?

Lets find out…

The Fridge Water Dispenser

Refrigerator water dispensers commonly use carbon and sediment filtration, and water is released through the door.

Here are the pros and cons of purchasing and installing a fridge water dispenser:


  • It convenient gives fridge ice cubes and cool water all summer long
  • Family members are encouraged to drink more water
  • You get clean, filtered water, at time of the day or night
  • It is recommended for well or lake water sources
  • Chances of water spills and wastage are considerably lesser
  • Energy is saved due to less fridge opening occasions


  • It requires plumbing and needs to be close to a water line
  • The filter reduces freezer power of the fridge
  • It compromises on shelf storage space in the fridge door

installation for fridge water dispenser

Other considerations of a Refrigerator Water Dispenser

As mentioned earlier, refrigerator water dispensers filter carbon and small sediments from the water. These unwanted bits collect on the filters over time and therefore, need to be cleaned or replaced.

The frequency of changing the filter depends on the brand such as Samsung or Whirlpool and the model of fridge. The best thing to do is adhere to the user manual. However, twice a year is the recommended frequency of changing a fridge water filter. It also depends on your water source and condition.

To Sum Up

Most of the pros of installing an in-built fridge water dispenser, can be achieved with a stand-alone Water Dispenser. You still get the ease of cool, drinking water that’s gone through intense filtration. Your family will still be encouraged to drink more water. In addition, stand-alone water dispensers are less expensive, don’t drain energy from your refrigerator and give you plenty of shelf space, which a fridge dispenser takes away.

Plus, forget about positioning your fridge close to a water line, which is sometimes not possible! You probably, like most others, store your drinking water in the fridge closest to the dining table.

There is a wide variety of attractive AOX water dispensers that you can choose from and guess what? There is no need to spend a fortune and buy a whole new fridge just because your family needs a water filtration and dispenser system!

Looking for a safe, convenient and economical water filter, contact AOX today.

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