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4 Drinks that Can Help You Stay Focused and Improve Concentration

By 8th December 2020No Comments
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How many times a day do you feel a definite cognitive decline and dwindling focus?

This often happens when you’re slaving away, concentrating on a task or even a few, at the same time. For some, the lethargy creeps in late mornings, a tiredness that threatens to curtail your productivity. Others may feel less alert in the afternoon.

It depends on your body cycle and general well-being. Sometimes, it can merely boil down to how well you are sleeping at night.

But if you are healthy, sleeping well and have no medical issues that are compromising your focus, you should try some energy boosting drinks that can help you focus and improve concentration. We’ve selected 4 such beverages that you may consume during the day to keep your mind alert.

But first, let’s talk about situations where this can really make a difference and how your diet may be playing a key role.

Fatigue Inducing Situations

Students burning the midnight oil during exam times or professionals who work long hours tend to experience drops in energy levels, while working. It may also be a sign of low blood sugar levels.

Stress is also a major contributor to lack of focus. You may have realised occasions on which you have been able to accomplish a lot more doing jobs that you like.

However, there are times when you like what you’re doing but are still unable to maintain the same levels of concentration throughout. This not only affects productivity and efficiency but, in some cases, a lack of focus can result in injury or mishaps too.

Choosing a Diet to Focus Better

Eating and drinking right is an easy and effective way to improve brain power and focus better. In fact, most healthy foods are packed with nutrients.

It’s a proven fact that a healthy breakfast is the first step in fueling your ability to pay attention and process faster. So, start your day by satisfying the brain…

In the morning, choose high-fibre foods, whole grains, fruit, milk, yoghurt or eggs. As the day proceeds, eat fresh vegetables, whole grain foods and protein. The best source of focus boosting protein is fish as it’s rich in Omega – 3 fatty acids. In snacking, stick to fruits, berries, nuts or dark chocolate instead of fried items. Foods high in calories slows down the mind and body while affecting cholesterol levels.

drinks for focusDrinks for Focus and Concentration

Here are 4 healthy, easy to procure and energizing drinks that replenish your energy and regain your focus:

1.    Green Tea

Green tea features in our list thanks to the amino acid known as I-Thealine which reduces stress and increases focus. It also has a small amount of caffeine that is coated with antioxidants. This causes the caffeine to be absorbed into the body slowly.

This is why we do not feel a craving for green tea, though it can be sipped even 3 times a day if needed.

2.    Energy Drink

Energy drinks are caffeinated beverages that activate the nervous system and give your mental abilities a temporary push. They are especially good for last minute exam studies. But energy drinks are not recommended as a regular habit by medical experts as they tend to be full of sugar.

3.    Coffee

Coffee is a popular drink as it carries the stimulating agent, caffeine which affects the nervous system. It triggers our alertness and improves mental processes such as focus and recall.

Many individuals rely on coffee to stay awake longer or prevent bursts of fatigue. 

4.    Alkaline Water

Lack of liquids, especially water can be detrimental to the brain. Concentration powers and the ability to retain information and recall it, can be deeply affected when we do not drink enough water. It has been proven that drinking water improves neurotransmitter production, increases concentration and regulates the body.

Alkaline water is even better as it has a high PH level. Some types of alkaline water with PH levels as high as 8.8 have known to prevent acid flux. Studies even claim that it helps oxygen flow which comes with a host of benefits for our minds and bodies.


In conclusion, keeping a nourishing drink by your side when performance is need of the hour offers a simple yet wise approach. Health benefits of antioxidant alkaline water are known to boost immunity and improve overall health. This leads to a more active brain function that positively affects focus and concentration powers.

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