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Considerations for Drinking Tap Water in Singapore

By 28th April 2023June 26th, 2023No Comments

Fill glass of drinking water from the tap

Tap water has always been a well-discussed topic. Many countries around the globe are now switching from bottled water to tap water due to concerns over plastic pollution. In Singapore, the majority of population has been drinking tap water since many years.

Known for its clean air and green environment the country also boasts some of the safest drinking water in the world, thanks to strict regulations put in place by the government.

With Singaporeans consuming approximately 2 million liters of tap water every day let’s discuss some of the considerations behind this common practice and the alternatives for people who may want to explore other options.

Sources of Water in Singapore

According to Singapore’s national water agency – PUB, Singapore fulfils and sustains its water needs from diverse sources. Over the years it has built capabilities from four different sources known as the Four National Taps consisting of water from local catchment, water imported from Johor, high-grade reclaimed water (called as NEWater) and desalinated water from the sea.

Water from the Johor River and over 15 reservoirs (local catchment) are processed by eight different waterworks. Likewise, five desalination plants and an equal number of NEWwater service reservoirs, process and deliver the 2 million liters of tap water.

processing of 4 sources of singapore waterImage Source: PUB Website

The key question here would be is the tap water safe to drink and does it live up the standards of quality?…

Monitoring Water Quality

PUB has settled specific and comprehensive guidance regarding monitoring of the drinking water quality. These guidelines play a crucial part in guaranteeing that the water is safe for consumption. They also serve to ensure that the water is free from contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, arsenic and fluoride. To that end, on a routine basis, water samples are collected from reservoirs, distribution networks, and water supply works. Additionally, they are thoroughly examined in specialist laboratories. Moreover, tap water within Singapore is monitored by online monitors too.

Evaluating Singapore Tap Water

Besides water quality tests done during processing and distribution, tests have been done by members of public and media agencies. For instance, the topic was studied and discussed by CNA Insider and reinforced the understanding that tap water in Singapore is safe to consume. However, there is often the general perception questioning water quality due to the environment and conditions around taps in places like public toilets and hawker centers, fueling the notion of dirty environment leading to unclean water.

Concerns over corrosion in iron tanks storing water and old water pipes/fitting which have resulted in discoloured water in the tap have also been voiced out in the past. However, misgivings about old, rusty pipes contaminating the water have since been assuaged by experts. PUB at its end has stated that water is safe to drink in such a scenario after letting it run for a few minutes to clear out.

Alternatives to Tap Water in Singapore

While tap water is a safe bet here there are many valid reasons for Singaporeans to opt for alternatives. These range from convenience, nutrients fortification, and simply extra safety.

Bottled Water

Bottled water is a common substitute for tap water. Begin potable and the portability that it offers makes it a popular choice for people. However, some apprehensions are noteworthy –

  • Bottled water is more expensive
  • Danger of microplastics and contaminants
  • Lax testing and auditing
  • Unnecessary wastage as plastic is treated a general waste

These considerations should be taken into account when choosing bottled water for daily drinking water consumption.

Water Dispensers and Filters

Water dispensers with inbuilt purification systems provide an added layer of safety and peace of mind. For instance, AOX Alkaline Water Dispensers feature a patented 7 stage filtration system that not only prevents contaminants but also enriches water with nutrients and minerals to improve health and well-being. Indeed, dispensers and filters provide a compelling alternative to tap water. With direct pipe-in models that can even fit below your kitchen sink these are an easy and effective option for homes and offices.

Concluding Remarks

If you read this far, congratulations! We hope the facts and considerations shared offer useful information and guidance to help shape your decision in drinking tap water or going for other alternatives. At AOX, we believe every person must consider drinking water a vital, nourishing, and timely habit. We are here to help you make the most of it.

Stay Healthy, Choose AOX

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