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Direct Pipe-in or Bottled Water Dispenser? Your guide to buying the right Water Machine

Pipe in or water bottle dispenser

Given the convenience and benefits of a Water Dispenser, having one at home or the office is quite a no brainer.  But after you have made up your mind to buy a water machine, you may be in a dilemma as to which type to go for. The two commonly used configurations are: Direct Pipe-in or a Bottled Water Dispenser

In this post, we shall compare/contrast the two options and help make your decision favourable for you.

Direct Pipe-in Dispenser

As the name suggests, the Direct Pipe-in Water Dispenser has its incoming source of water directly from the water pipe. Raw water flows into the filtration system, which purifies it, eliminates any harmful bacteria and odour, enhances it and eventually dispenses a healthier alternative to tap water.

So, besides connecting the water machine to a power source you also need a water inlet and a bit of plumbing work for the setup.

Bottled Water Dispenser

For this type, treated water is stored in a huge plastic container (typically 5-gallon water bottles). This plastic bottle is mounted on top of a dispenser which dispenses filtered water directly from the bottle. A power source is all that’s required to set up this machine.

water bottle refillBoth types of dispensers have the option of dispensing hot or cold filtered water, ensuring a refreshing drink as per your preference is available at the push of a button.

So, which works well in what scenario? Let’s find out by enlisting the advantages vis-à-vis the disadvantages.

Pros & Cons of Each Type of Dispenser

direct pipe in water machinePros of Direct Pipe-in

  • Provides unlimited supply of on-the-spot treated water as it’s directly connected to the water inlet of your premises
  • Is hassle-free with minimal maintenance requirements
  • Leaves lesser carbon footprint as no storage in containers is required
  • Is more convenient for smaller spaces
  • Is cost effective in the long run

Cons of Direct Pipe-in

  • Plumbing work may be required to install the dispenser
  • Maybe slightly costlier upfront
  • May need cleaning of the water pipe source at regular intervals

water dispenser topupPros of Bottled Water

  • Can be placed anywhere in the room as long as a power source is available
  • Requires very little maintenance as the water in the bottle is already filtered
  • Maybe cheaper upfront

Cons of Bottled Water

  • The filtered water containers need storage space when they are delivered or when they are empty
  • Requires heavy weight lifting when the bottle needs to be replaced on top of the dispenser
  • Is not environmentally friendly as the water is packaged in plastic containers
  • Costlier in the long run

In regards to suitability for the space….office spaces that do not have the convenience of a wet pantry but only have a small dry pantry would prefer using Bottled Water Dispensers. An easily accessible water source is a challenge in many cases.

For flats and apartments in cities like Singapore where space is a big constraint the Pipe-in version are more suitable as these dispensers are much compact.

Choosing the type of Treated Water

Although Singapore’s tap water is safe for drinking, households may still want to install water filters. By introducing a filtration system onto the water source pipe, one can get enriched, treated water. And there are valid reasons for doing so, such as –

  • To ensure water purity
  • To eliminate chlorinated water odour
  • To have a healthier alternative like enriched/alkalised water
  • To add an additional level of water disinfection

There are water filters that dispense mineralised water, alkalised water or distilled water. Thus, one must be certain of the reason for installing a water filtration system at home or in office and the end objective to achieve.

Our friendly staff at AOX are always available to guide you to the system that best suits your needs. Call AOX and book your appointment today.


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