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Best times to drink water and maximize its health benefits

By 27th August 2022No Comments

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Manage your daily water intake of 8 to 10 glasses? Great! but are you drinking water in the best possible way?

Experts claim to have uncovered the secret behind how to drink water in the most beneficial way. Findings reveal that there are certain times of the day that one should drink and also a particular amount of water and what times it should be avoid it altogether.

While you and I may know some of these, but today….let’s find out all!

Health Benefits of Water

We all are aware of the health benefits of water. Whether at room temperature, warm or even slightly cool, water invigorates us and refreshes our entire system. In fact, water therapy as a means to cure illnesses has been practiced in several countries and cultures.

All living beings have an innate desire for water. But, if you are among those who evade water intake, it’s perhaps you have never tried to drink it regularly. If so, now is a good time to start the healthy habit of regular water intake.

To encourage you, here is a list of key benefits that apply to each and every one of us:

  • Helps digestion, bowel movement and relieves constipation
  • Keeps body temperature in check
  • Aids the transport of oxygen and nutrients throughout the entire body
  • Protects organs, tissues, and cushions joints
  • Maintains sodium balance
  • Assists heart function and blood pressure

Ideal Times to Drink Water

Many individuals begin their water intake only later in the day, may be mid-day onwards. They are parched and so overdo their intake thereafter. This causes bloating as the dehydrated body stores it in a panic! Even drinking water after salty foods or alcohol consumption can cause bloating. Regulating the time for drinking water is thus essential.

lady drinking waterSo, let us find out the right and healthy way to consume water and how much of it –

a) When you wake up

There is a universal consensus on the morning water regime; and many prefer slightly warm water. But if you are not habituated to it, don’t avoid drinking water completely. Drink one if not two glasses before your morning coffee and half an hour prior to breakfast.

This gets your metabolism running and re-hydrates the body after an entire night.

Tip: If you’re on a mission to lose excess weight, squeeze some lemon into your morning glass of warm water.

b) After your breakfast

Give yourself an hour after eating breakfast and then drink your next glass of water.

Drinking water with a meal is believed to interfere with the natural digestion process. It washes away the digestive juices and acids that they body releases, so try not to consume too much water during any meal.

c) Before lunch or dinner

Consume a glass of water between half an hour to one hour before lunch and dinner.

This lubricates the system and prepares your body to absorb nutrients from the meal you are about to eat. So, while you’re improving your water intake, you may also take some steps towards eating healthy.

d) Instead of your evening cup of coffee/tea

Most of us experience a drop in energy in the late afternoon. The most common reaction is to pour yourself a coffee or make some tea.

Instead of these options, try drinking a glass or even two of room temperature water. Then check to see if you’re still feeling drained or tired. Our bodies don’t naturally crave for caffeine, but they do require water!

e) Before you sleep

Help your body to digest food, renew cells and generally heal through the night, by drinking a glass of room temperature water before bed. Too much water could keep you up at night so try not to consume too much.

f) Before, during and after your exercise

Limit your water intake to a glass one hour prior to exercising, then take a few sips while you’re working out. Excess water may make you feel uncomfortable but a lack of it, can result in body cramps.

After your workout, hydrate well. You may even choose to drink slightly cool water to regulate your body temperature. However, do refrain from drinking ice cold water during or after a workout. That is known to have detrimental effects on our system.

Create a Water Drinking Schedule

Forgetting to drink water is a common phenomenon. A busy life can distract you from paying attention to your body’s needs. So, here is a suggestion…

Set alarms on your phone that remind you to consume water regularly. This might sound extreme, but it is not! Many Singaporeans are resorting to this solution, and it really works well.

There are quite a few water reminder mobile apps that can do the job for you! So, why not?

And if you are considering a water dispenser at home to cultivate this healthy habit, try the AOX range for convenient hot and cold alkaline water dispensers.

Stay Healthy, Choose AOX

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