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benefits of lemon water

Drinking Lemon Water: Do benefits outweigh the side effects?

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Drinking lemon water has become trendy lately. People claim that it helps detoxify the body and get rid of toxins. Various other benefits of drinking…
feature image for sports hydration

Hydration for Athletes…What’s the recommended water intake?

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If you are an athlete or a sports person, you will know the importance of hydration. Beside nutrition & rest, proper hydration is the other…
Fill glass of drinking water from the tap

Considerations for Drinking Tap Water in Singapore

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Tap water has always been a well-discussed topic. Many countries around the globe are now switching from bottled water to tap water due to concerns…
smartphone with apps for hydration

How to Stay Hydrated with Water Reminder Apps

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Water is essential for life. The human body contains approximately 60% water. Drinking enough water is essential as it helps flush toxins from our bodies,…
asian woman with good skin

Little Known Benefits of Alkaline Water for the Face and Skin

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Alkaline water has been very popular over the last decade. Well-known for its benefits to our body such as helping detoxify our system, keeping us…
water delivery man with trolley

5 Things to Know Before Ordering Water Delivery in Singapore

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Drinking enough water that is pure and clean is necessary for good health. Depending on where one resides, there may be doubts surrounding the quality…
when to drink water feature

Best times to drink water and maximize its health benefits

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Manage your daily water intake of 8 to 10 glasses? Great! but are you drinking water in the best possible way? Experts claim to have…
dispenser on kitchen tabletop

4 Neat Ways to Install a Water Dispenser in the Kitchen

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Growing awareness about the quality of drinking water has led Singaporeans to opt for water dispensers in their kitchen over tap water. But there are…
RO drinking water

Is drinking RO Water bad for us?

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The importance of drinking enough water to stay hydrated and keep the body in top form cannot be understated. Tap, mineral, distilled, alkaline, spring, sparkling…
corn, beetroot, carrots being sanitized

The quick & easy way to sanitize fruits, vegetables and food stuffs

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The post COVID-19 era brings precautious times in which cleaning and sanitizing has become the new norm. Naturally, awareness about the food we eat and…
filling water glass from fridge dispenser

Is a Fridge Water Dispenser right for you?

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Summer is that season in which the convenient idea of an in-built fridge water dispenser sounds most tempting! Instead of subjecting your refrigerator to being…
comparing hot and cold drinking water

Drink warm water or cold water; which one is best for our health?

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Regular water consumption is absolutely necessary! Most of us are aware of this fact. Water helps to balance body temperature, assist the digestive system and…
preparing for exams

4 Drinks that Can Help You Stay Focused and Improve Concentration

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How many times a day do you feel a definite cognitive decline and dwindling focus? This often happens when you’re slaving away, concentrating on a…

Here’s how Alkaline Water can help improve your immune system

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Ever since the coronavirus has impacted the world, “immunity boosters” have come to be the buzzword. A lot of people have been talking about immunity-boosting…
feature image for portable alkaline water

Here’s how to get Portable Alkaline Water and ensure your daily intake when travelling

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Drinking water is easily accessible through the tap in Singapore. However, in recent times many people have been switching to treated water such as Alkaline…
water cooler maintenance illustration

What everybody ought to know about maintenance of Office Water Coolers & Dispensers

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So, your decision to procure a Water Dispenser for the renovated pantry of your office in the recent past has paid-off handsomely. Staff & colleagues…

Why should you take antioxidants to boost your immunity?

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Photo by Freepik Due to the recent Covid-19 Virus, it is crucial that we take good care of ourselves, not just externally with a mask,…

Alkaline water for expectant mom? Should you?

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Photo Credits: Alkaline water would improves the morning sickness condition of an expecting mom. The absence of alkaline minerals would cause post-delivery problems for…
water glass with measuring tape

Water Therapy: The easy way to lose weight

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Water, an essential source of life, is equally crucial in maintaining the quality of life. We often hear and know that one should drink at…

Give water, Give life

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Let us celebrate mothers Let us celebrate fathers and Let us celebrate life and the little children, the blessing of our womb. Let us create…