Are you consuming good quality water?

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We have all heard of high quality, premium, exotic water being thrown around and touted as the next “IN” thing; but what does it mean?

Definition of high quality water. When we talk about the quality of water, most of the time, we refer to the purpose intended for that water. If the intended purpose is for drinking, spring water would then be of better quality compared to seawater because seawater is not potable due to its high level of sodium content.

What constitutes high quality drinking water?
There are many microbes and minerals in water as well as toxic materials. In terms of quality of drinking water; here are some things that need to be tested for before the water is deemed safe for consumption.

1. Aesthetic Objectives.
The appearance of water can affect its acceptance by consumers even if it is potable. Nobody likes to drink water that is white, blue or even (urgh) black. Water in its natural state is colourless. The more pure it is, the more transparent it should look.

2. Sediments In Water.
Rust, particles, lead, sand, and other particles may be present in the water. High quality drinking water should be devoid of all these impurities.

3. Microbes & Trace Materials.
Toxic substances, viruses and bacteria may be present in the water. UV light can be used to deactivate viruses and kill bacteria. Alternatively, AOX uses nanofact microbe intervention filters or KDF-55 which is effective in removing 99.99% of viruses and bacteria.

These are just some of the parameters that are tested to ensure that the water is safe for consumption, however, for those seeking more benefits from the water they consume, with extended health benefits, choose AOX natural antioxidant alkaline water. With a 5-stage filtration process and water that is jam packed with antioxidants, a trusted brand used over 50 medical centres, AOX water is the top choice for medical professionals. 100% Lab tested safe with patented filters, it is known to defy aging, reduce body fat, improve metabolism, immune system, blood circulation and remove toxins effectively.

Let you and your family enjoy a higher quality of life and better health through consuming a higher quality of water.

Stay healthy, Choose AOX.
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