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Little Known Benefits of Alkaline Water for the Face and Skin

By 27th December 2022No Comments

asian woman with good skinAlkaline water has been very popular over the last decade. Well-known for its benefits to our body such as helping detoxify our system, keeping us hydrated, improving digestion, and boosting our immune system. However, did you know that alkaline water can also benefit your skin?

Yes, it does! and in this post we hope to put a spotlight on these lesser-known advantages which this simple drink can offer us. We will start with the common face and conditions, how alkaline water can help in treating these issues, and lastly share a recent case report which proves its effectiveness. so, lets dive in…

Common Face and Skin Conditions

A majority of people experience skin conditions at some point of time either on the face or rest of the body. For some these may be more frequent and more damaging. Common conditions include –

  • Ageing and Dry Skin – as we get older our skin ages and experiences loss of elastic tissue and reduced levels of hyaluronic acid (HA), both of which contribute to wrinkling. Keeping the skin hydrated is key…if not it becomes flaky, tight, and dry making it more prone to wrinkling. There are however few ways to slow down this process and maintain a youthful-looking skin for longer
  • Acne – which occurs when the pores become clogged with dead skin cells and oil, which in turn leads to blackheads, whiteheads, pimples or cysts on the face, chest, neck, upper arms and thighs. A common problem that affects millions of people worldwide
  • Eczema – an inflammatory skin disease caused by an allergic reaction to something in the environment. The most common symptoms are rashes, blisters, hives, and thickened skin. It can affect any part of the body but mostly the hands, feet, knees, elbows, scalp, face, and genitals.

Besides the above are psoriasis, rosacea, sensitive skin, and a host of other conditions. But let us focus on these and how they can be addressed with simple remedies such as drinking and/or applying treated water.

woman face spraying alkaline waterHow does Alkaline Water help Facial and Body skin

It’s important to maintain a healthy pH balance for both body and the skin. The pH is a numeric scale that indicates how acidic or alkaline something is. On the pH scale from 1 to 14, 7 represents neutral, below 7 is acid, and above 7 is acidic. Our skin has a normal pH level of 4.7 whereas body maintains pH between 7.35 and 7.45

How does alkaline water help here?….the pH level of alkaline water is between 7.5 and 8.5. Drinking alkaline water provides some key benefits –

Maintains Healthy pH Level

Healthy pH level is one that is neither too acidic nor too alkaline. If the blood ‘s pH levels are below a 6.8, it becomes acidic. A healthy pH level for our bodies is between 6.8 and 7.8, ideally at 7.4. This ideal pH level keeps our immune systems functioning properly and strengthens them. It also helps keep skin looking young and fresh.

Helps Body Hydration

Alkaline water molecules are smaller, and these help our body absorb nutrients better than larger ones. Our bodies can more easily and quickly absorb water in this way and remain well hydrated. This helps the skin repair itself and contributes to its elastic properties thereby keeping it nourished and healthy in the long run.

Flushes Toxins

Alkaline water is rich in antioxidants. These neutralize, combat, and render free radicals harmless thereby keeping our system clean and healthy. Collected acid waste can cause serious health issues. Drinking alkaline water every day can help neutralize the acidic environment inside our bodies and flush out harmful toxins.

Using Alkaline Water to Moisturize the Skin

Additionally, washing or spraying the face with alkaline antioxidant water moisturizes eczema skin and soothes itch which leads to excessive scratching. The AM-50 Nano Moisturizer, developed by AOX is one such innovative product which uses cutting edge hi-tech ultrasound technology turning alkaline water into nano-sized molecules to enhance its ability to penetrate the skin. With the increased absorption and efficacy antioxidant water provides better hydration and healthier looking skins.

Case Report of Alkaline Water Effectiveness on skin

Alkaline water has been used to treat oily skins and acne vulgaris in recent times. But the scientific evidence to support its use was however lacking. In 2021, an experiment was conducted to determine whether alkaline water could be effective in treating oily skins and acne vulgaris in a 21-year-old female patient who reported problems with excessive sebum secretion and skin eruptions such as blackheads, whiteheads and pustules. Before and after a treatment with alkaline waters, the sebum levels were measured, and the GAGS scores were used to check the amounts of skin eruptions. Click here for the full case report.

After a series of treatments using alkaline water, there were significant reductions in sebum secretion and acne outbreaks. It was concluded that cosmetic treatments with alkaline water appeared to be safe and effective for patients suffering from acne and excess sebum secretion. Alkaline water can reduce the number of pimples and decrease sebaceous gland activity without causing side effects. However, cosmetic procedures should not be used instead of medical treatments. Therefore, alkaline water may be helpful as an adjunctive therapy in combination with conventional therapies.

Wrapping it Up

This article explained the many reasons why alkaline water is beneficial, not just for the body but also for the skin. People who are concerned about their health should welcome alkaline water into their lives. While alkaline water offers various health advantages, if you suffer from a skin illness or disease, please do talk to your doctor. Also, make sure you get alkaline water from a reputable source.

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