Ambassador AOX


Why Sherry Tan accepted becoming the ambassador for AOX
Sherry first started out as a customer. After enjoying several health benefits and believing in AOX water, she gladly accepted becoming our ambassador.

Why she chose AOX
Sherry already knew about alkaline water from her friends, but she could not find a brand that was as convenient as she hoped. After a lot of research, she discovered AOX and took their blood test. The test showed her blood cells clustered together, and the presence of harmful free radicals. After drinking AOX water, she took the test again and could see that her blood cells were no longer clustered, and the free radicals were eliminated. That’s when she decided to go with AOX.

How AOX benefitted Sherry
After drinking AOX water for a few months, Sherry realised that she felt a lot more energetic, and full of life. She even tried applying AOX water directly on pimples, and found that they healed a lot faster than usual!

What AOX did for her family
Sherry’s children have eczema and when their skin itched, they would scratch until it bled. The doctors recommended steroids, but this would also weaken and thin their skin. After drinking AOX water for a few months, the improvement was very obvious. Her children now experience skin inflammation less often and the itching is no longer severe.

They have also described the taste of AOX water as good and refreshing. As a result, they drink water a lot more often than before. Sherry and her husband noticed that they rarely fall sick, which adds to her peace of mind.

Her brother has sensitive skin and red spots would appear whenever it was inflamed. After drinking AOX water, the red spots stopped surfacing and he no longer has to take prescribed medication.

What Sherry thinks of AOX
Sherry said “It’s like having a source of natural spring water in my own house!”. She believes that water is important, and drinking the best quality is highly beneficial.

AOX Ambassador, Sherry Tan’s testimonial on benefits of AOX water for her family.

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