AOX Franchising Program

When you are considering the options of getting a franchise, 3 very important considerations are the power of the brand, the vision and mission of the company!

Power of Brand

We Care. We put customer well-being at the heart of all we do

Our Vision

With God’s guidance, AOX strives to be No 1 in every market we serve.

Our Mission

▪ Educate public on healthy lifestyle
▪ Ensure our system remains affordable
▪ Build a network of support

If you believe in the vision and want to share our mission, we have just the right opportunity for you – be our Franchisee.

Why Choose AOX Franchising?

The benefits of being part of a franchise system are significant:-

  • You have the backing of a market leader in the natural antioxidant alkaline industry
  • You have the proven products, services and methods
  • You have a recognized customer base which would ordinarily take years to establish

Note: This is NOT a Multi-Level Marketing Program

Our Process

Review our FAQs, see if AOX franchising is right for you
Complete and submit Franchisee Application Form to
You will be invited for a review and discussion
You are to identify suitable sites. AOX reserves the right to accept, reject or counter propose
Final approval and site visit, if necessary
You will be provided with info on product and services, including fees relating to brand royalties, marketing and management
Successfully attended AOX Training
Open and operate the store!

I am interested in the AOX Franchise / Distributor program. Please email me the Franchise Application Form.

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