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7 Situations Where We Should Avoid Drinking Water

By 20th December 2018No Comments

Water is an essential part of our existence. It keeps our organs functioning, our skin glowing and wrinkle-free, all the way down to cellular functions. Without water, we’d all be dead.

We have been encouraged since young to drink more water and it is a habit that we develop as we mature. But there are instances where we should not be gulping down a glass of water. Too much of a good thing can still be bad.

Here are 7 situations where you absolutely should not be drinking water.

During an intense workout
When working out, you’ll most likely lose your breath, get a dry throat, and be all sweaty; but excessive intake during exercise is not good for you. Cooling down your body temperature by drinking water can cause electrolyte depletion that would make you suffer from a headache, nausea, and dizziness. It also increases heart strain for people with heart diseases.

Right before bedtime
Our kidneys function slows down at night. If you drank a glass of water right before sleeping, you may experience facial and limb swelling in the morning. It also interrupts your sleep. Urinating at night is unavoidable if you drank water before sleeping, it would break off your circadian rhythm and cause you to take longer to reach REM sleep or better known as deep sleep

When your urine is clear
Clear urine is a sign of overhydration. Drinking too much even when you’re not thirsty leads to low sodium levels that could result in serious health situations such as heart attack. Remember: stay hydrated, but DO NOT over hydrate. Too much water also prevents your kidneys from doing their jobs and regulating components in the blood.

Relief from spicy food

Capsaicin which causes the burning sensation when eating hot peppers won’t be dissolved by water. Instead, water will spread it throughout the mouth and make it worse. The only way to stop the burning sensation is to drink milk or other dairy products.

During Meals
Drinking water during meals causes indigestion because it leads to a decrease of salivation which produces important enzymes for digestion. Even when you’re eating healthy food, if they’re undigested, they pile up in your body and they become toxic over time. Cold water and alcohol make it even worse.

If it contains artificial sweeteners
When trying to lose weight, you are advised to drink water only and cut the sweetened and flavoured drinks in your life. That includes your ‘healthy’ fruit juices, because the fruit juice that we buy in the supermarket may not be 100% freshly squeezed, so do check the labels before consuming them! Otherwise, you should always squeeze your own fruit juice to be absolutely certain!

Coming from the sea
Drinking sea water is harmful, firstly because it has a level of sodium and you’d need a lot of fresh water to dilute the salt to prevent dehydration, salt naturally attracts water thus, leaving you dehydrated. Second, sea water contains pathogenic human viruses. When you go for a swim and accidentally gulp in some water, spit it out immediately before it makes you sick in the stomach

Keep in mind that we need to drink water to keep ourselves hydrated and that our bodies know best. So listen to the signs your body is telling you and drink just the right amount of water.

But not all water is created equal. There are those that are bad for you (sea water, water from stagnant sources, etc.) and those that give your body the refreshment that it deserves like AOX alkaline water that processes your water through 5 stages of filtration to make sure it is clean while turning ordinary tap into natural alkaline water similar to those straight from the springs!

Keep it natural! Have your own AOX water dispenser at home or work.

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